College activities Youth 

Importance of Getting Involved in College Activities

If you are a fresher and have recently got admission in the college, let us give you the info that there is much more than classes and studies in college life. Colleges and universities around the world offer various activities for students. These colleges and universities have various clubs and societies to choose from like there is a debating society, cultural society, theatre society, singing and dancing society, moot society, sports clubs, etc. On the date you get admission in the college, representatives of these societies and clubs pitch you…

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Jobs-without-degree Youth 

10 happiest jobs that do not require a College Degree

When the world is running so fast and everybody is looking out to earn well in their life, college degrees do not always play a crucial role. If you are looking to be happy in your life, here are 10 happiest jobs that do not require a college degree: Entrepreneur It is one of those jobs that can keep you happy all the time. He/she is the person who runs and plans his/her day on their own. However, for being an entrepreneur you need to have good insight, communication, and…

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last-mughal-bahadur-shah Entertainment 

What happened to Mughals after the fall of the Mughal Empire?

Recently, UN World Tourism Organization ranked India at 40th place in the world travel and tourism index, thanks to the various heritage sites that have been built once to serve the royals who conquered the country and contributed a vast archaeological legacy in making India incredible. Do you know that half of them are actually creations by Mughals themself, the massive vaulted gateways, large halls, uses of different stones and everything makes it endurable, yet an intense curiosity led me to find what happened to them who built these marvelous…

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India-gate-delhi Youth 

10 things to do in Delhi during graduation

Graduation is that phase of life where you can enjoy the most while exploring different places and doing different things. The time of graduation is when you are like a free bird. Later in life when you see some other younger than you enjoy you won’t regret that you never enjoyed your life. Here are a few things to do in Delhi that you should never avoid during graduation in Delhi: Explore the monuments Delhi is full of rich history and old monuments. There will be no other time then…

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Dacoits-of-chambal Entertainment 

Why Chambal has given birth to so many dacoits?

India’s Chambal valley, which is located south of UP and on the Rajasthan-Madhya Pradesh bord, famous for its panoramic views, mesmerizing valleys with zigzagged ravines has also been a homeland to the feared dacoits for centuries. From a famous Chinese traveler, Huen Tsang, who was reported to have been robbed here in the 7th century to the several political rebels and outlaws, Chambal valley is infested with professional bandits for whom murder and robbery are a tradition as well as a way of life. Though, we have little understanding from…

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away-from-home Youth 

10 reasons living away from home is important during college

Living away from your family is that thought that haunts you when you think about going to college. However, it is the most crucial moment of your life when you decide to do the things and take up the things in the way you want to. There is always a fear in the mind of children for the inconvenience that they will face but it will take you ahead in your life to become strong. Managing things alone For once, it will come to your mind that things were getting…

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famous travellers who visited india Education 

Famous travellers who visited India

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It has attracted so many travelers from different parts of the world to experience the wealth, culture and customs. The country has always been the dream destination for travelers and merchants who were interested in knowing one of the oldest civilizations better. Travelers from the medieval period came to India to grab knowledge, trade, to learn and to know about customs. Even we get to know a lot about the history of our country from the travelogues of these chroniclers.…

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budget Youth 

20 Ways to Save Money in College Life

This is the first time for most of the students to stay away from home and experience college life. You would be getting a fixed amount of pocket money from your home to spend money on your necessities and luxuries. In such a materialistic college life, how could someone save money? You can achieve financial success by getting aware of ways of saving money. This is the first time you guys are thinking of managing your money. We have some tips and tricks which can help you save money in…

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Back benchers Entertainment 

The reason why being Back Bencher is awesome

The first thing that comes to our mind is that the First bench or last bench in a class is better to get success? I always think about a quote said by Bill Gates : “if you want to pass in exams, ask first bench students. If you want to get success in your life, ask last bench students” It is one of the most memorable parts of our life. The friends of the last benchers can become friends for life and family members as well. Some reasons that you loved…

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missing friends Youth 

21 things you miss about living with college friends

College life is that time of your life which will only come once and therefore, it is said that live the most of it because it will never return and you will never know if the people around you will be able to meet you again. It is said that you are lucky if you have some college friends which will stand by your side always. You will fight with them, laugh with them and enjoy with them. Here are a few things that you will miss your college friends.…

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