10 happiest jobs that do not require a College Degree

When the world is running so fast and everybody is looking out to earn well in their life, college degrees do not always play a crucial role. If you are looking to be happy in your life, here are 10 happiest jobs that do not require a college degree:



It is one of those jobs that can keep you happy all the time. He/she is the person who runs and plans his/her day on their own. However, for being an entrepreneur you need to have good insight, communication, and a sense of business to take on further with your job. It will keep you happy and will also increase various skills in you.

WordPress developer

Wordpress developer

It sounds like a tough job to do but in reality, if you have skills of website development then this is an accurate place for you. It doesn’t require any degree or any classes, you just have to love what you do and maintain blogs, website designs, template, and few other things and you will feel that it is made for you.

Business development

Business development

The work of a business developer is to get the clients and sell the products and services to them. It doesn’t require any degree but good communication skills to attract the clients and get the business out from them.



The easiest job to start with. As the name suggests you have to recruit a person for a company or for an organization and need to take them through the company rules and policies.

Customer service representative


A customer service representative is a person who is responsible for answering the calls that a company gets and answers all their queries. This job has no time constraints and can be explored in different environments/roles and can get better exposure opportunities.

Loan officer


A job of a loan officer does not require any college degree. It is a simple work of approving the loan and pass on the information to the necessary people who are applying for the loan.



One thing that you love the most can become your passion without having any degree.  If you love to explore the world, this is the platform where you can come and fulfill your dreams. You will learn how a minute thing is also very essential in anybody’s life.

Video Editor


If you are fond of making something that will awe people, then video editing is the right field to jump in. If you love to work with graphics, learning different techniques and making the raw video into that one video that people will love watching without having any degree, and then this is the right field for you.

Field service technician


This job doesn’t require a degree at all. It is basically the work of repairing and maintenance. You will be the person on which different people are dependent while you will solve their problems.

Social media manager


Now is the time when people are very curious to be very popular on social media. It is possible with the help of a social media manager. It is not necessary that you have a degree for that you can choose it if you love surfing and knows the techniques of increasing the sales of a company, person or a product.

Nothing is easy to achieve whether you have a degree or not. Love what you do and your work will always return you back. Keep doing the hard work it will pay you back one day.

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