famous travellers who visited india Education 

Famous travellers who visited India

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It has attracted so many travelers from different parts of the world to experience the wealth, culture and customs. The country has always been the dream destination for travelers and merchants who were interested in knowing one of the oldest civilizations better. Travelers from the medieval period came to India to grab knowledge, trade, to learn and to know about customs. Even we get to know a lot about the history of our country from the travelogues of these chroniclers.…

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study without getting distracted Education 

Ways to study without getting distracted

Wait, what? Is it already time for the semester. Where the rest of the year just passed away? This is the most common phrase that comes to one’s mind when the exams are near. You have to start concentrating on your exams before that time flies away from your hand and you are left with nothing. Some of the common ways to study without getting distracted are below: Stay away from mobile Mobile is the biggest device to divert you from studies. Whatsapp to Instagram or to Facebook all together…

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jobs in india Education 

How to get a job easily?

Getting a job is easy? Try some of these ways before your semester ends. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when your semester is going to end? What is next that is to be done by you. Where life will lead you forward? How to get a job because a degree will never get you a job like that. You have to struggle for it and start your research beforehand. The option of a job will not come to your hand like this. You have to…

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Creative Content writing Education 

How to be more creative while writing content?

Nowadays technology is working faster rather than door to door activity. The people are more inclined towards the factor that doesn’t run towards the pain, run towards the pleasure. It is truly said that nobody has the courage to face the pain everybody is running to gain their profit and more work. But there are creative people who work by their brains. They do different creative things and win the heart of others. Own time: Who said that creative people are introvert? The extrovert people can also be creative. It…

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