last-mughal-bahadur-shah Entertainment 

What happened to Mughals after the fall of the Mughal Empire?

Recently, UN World Tourism Organization ranked India at 40th place in the world travel and tourism index, thanks to the various heritage sites that have been built once to serve the royals who conquered the country and contributed a vast archaeological legacy in making India incredible. Do you know that half of them are actually creations by Mughals themself, the massive vaulted gateways, large halls, uses of different stones and everything makes it endurable, yet an intense curiosity led me to find what happened to them who built these marvelous…

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Dacoits-of-chambal Entertainment 

Why Chambal has given birth to so many dacoits?

India’s Chambal valley, which is located south of UP and on the Rajasthan-Madhya Pradesh bord, famous for its panoramic views, mesmerizing valleys with zigzagged ravines has also been a homeland to the feared dacoits for centuries. From a famous Chinese traveler, Huen Tsang, who was reported to have been robbed here in the 7th century to the several political rebels and outlaws, Chambal valley is infested with professional bandits for whom murder and robbery are a tradition as well as a way of life. Though, we have little understanding from…

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Back benchers Entertainment 

The reason why being Back Bencher is awesome

The first thing that comes to our mind is that the First bench or last bench in a class is better to get success? I always think about a quote said by Bill Gates : “if you want to pass in exams, ask first bench students. If you want to get success in your life, ask last bench students” It is one of the most memorable parts of our life. The friends of the last benchers can become friends for life and family members as well. Some reasons that you loved…

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Mecca Madina Entertainment 

What is the truth behind non-Muslims not allowed in Mecca?

It is the truth that non-Muslims are not allowed in the holy city of Mecca but there is no restriction for the common people to visit the city Madinah. Non-Muslim entering the Nawabi Square where Al-Masjid Al- Nawabi is located is prohibited. The reason for the prohibition lies between the fundamental requirements and the policies of Saudi Arabia.  If any non-Muslim try to enter into the Mecca it will lead to some kind of penalty as well as lead to punishment.  As Mecca is the holiest shrine so some of…

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delhi street food under 100 rps Entertainment 

Top 8 Places of Delhi to have food under 100 Rupees

 A hearty meal under 100 bucks! Not a bad idea at all. Most of the time you are left with few bugs and it is mid of the month. New Delhi, the capital of India is a place which has many beautiful monuments, shopping market and some lip-smacking food that is loved by all. Below is the list of best street food in Delhi where you can fill your stomach under 100 bucks or less. Parathe Wali Gali This is the best place where you can fill up your hunger…

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sad boy pic Entertainment 

Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

“Nice guy”, a compliment or a curse? This is the biggest and most rated question now-a-days. This can be asked from every single girl who says “he is a nice boy”. What is the actual meaning of this sentence? A woman typically thinks that nice guys are intelligent but unattractive. There are various assumptions made for nice guys and those are that they are less sexually experienced and unattractive. Secondly, they are more interested in a commitment which is lost somewhere amidst this world. Nowadays there is something new in…

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top dating apps Entertainment 

Top 5 Best Dating Apps

As we all know finding a perfect mate is not an easy task. Finding someone according to your interests and your demands was nearly impossible. But thanks to the most important component of our lives “internet” which has enabled us to grasp up every single opportunity of finding a good match for ourselves. The location sensing feature and mobile networks have done a lot for us. Lets best one for you. #1  Ok Cupid (Android, ios) Ok Cupid features many unique and straightforward dating tools. Every now and then this app…

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man beard Entertainment 

Are men with a beard more desirable?

Remember boys the first time you shaved? How was the feeling? This is for all those who think that men without beards are better groomed and desirable. For all the ladies who think the same, I have to burst up this bubble.   Actually, males who do not have a beard are actually shaving away their actual identity. As we have also seen that beard nowadays is so much in trend and when someone is not following the trend we call them out of fashion or not having any sense…

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independent woman Entertainment 

Women are the backbone of society

What is the literal meaning of the word woman? As a simple understanding, you would say that a woman is an adult female. And yes you are right a woman is no one but a female human being but she isn’t treated as a human. She is considered a lady with responsibilities, a lady who should take care of the family and home, and the one whose responsibilities are only those things which are assigned to her. She can’t react whenever she wants. She is dominated always. Our society looks…

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