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How it Feels to be a Dark-Skinned in India

India is a beautiful country with an enriched history, culture, and to-die-for food. How can someone hate a country which has such a dynamic environment? We have different cultures, different languages, and different religions living together under the same roof. But behind this beautiful face of India, there is a disease that is continuously growing and the people are failing to recognize it: Colorism.

Colorism is a term defined as discriminating against people on the basis of their skin tone. By now, you would be thinking that Indians face racism on the basis of dark skin only outside India but what if we say that the same racism happens in India too? We debate and fight for the privileges that some people get on the basis of caste, creed, and religion, we always ignore that people in India also get privileges on the basis of their skin tone. There are no debates over the racism that we face having dark skin in India. If you are a dark-skinned girl or a guy and have a name with a beautiful meaning, it doesn’t matter for you, because people are going to call you with the name that directly or indirectly means ‘black’ or ‘dark’.

Recently, I came across a meme on social media that showed a picture of a dark-skinned woman with a caption that said, ‘tag your friend who would marry her’. That meme had a lot of ridiculous comments on the dark skin tone and weight of the girl in the picture. I felt very bad at that very moment. The very first thing that hit my mind after seeing it was that we are so much indulged in roasting our friends that we have forgotten the thin line between a joke and decency. We have forgotten that the picture is of some girl who can be you, your sister or brother or someone you love.

I want to share a story of my friend who faced colorism since childhood. She had a dark skin tone and had a younger brother who was fair. Her brother was loved by relatives, friends and she was always criticized and even scolded for small mistakes. She was intelligent and had a beautiful heart but was never loved as she deserved to. Once, our mutual friend who was a professional photographer and was working for a renowned magazine, asked her for a photoshoot as they were working on an article over dark skin tones in India. She agreed for the same and got featured in the article. After a few days, when the magazine got published, the girl got to know that she featured on the cover page of the magazine. This was the time when tables turned for her. Her relatives and friends, who used to say her that she had a dark complexion and were cursing her, were now calling her pretty.


We as a society should stop pulling people down and humiliate them for them being unique, be it the way they sound, the way they wear clothes or how dark their skin is. We should love them equally as they deserve. There are a lot of people in the society who discriminate, making a person depressed to the extent that the person thinks of harming himself/herself. If the people of society are leading him or her each step towards harming, maybe, you can be the one to help him or her to take one step back by loving them for what they are.

You, the one reading this, is the most beautiful person in the world!

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