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Should attendance be compulsory for students?

Tring Tring Tring Tring…..’ is the sound that we all definitely crave to hear in our college/school days and as soon as the bell rings we escape to our different worlds enjoying, amusing and playing, away from the four-walled classrooms under the sky, no teacher and no books. Undeniably, this relaxation is far at par with another kind of breaks, No?  

But as the education institutions tighten the attendance policies, taking education looks no less like workers ought to be presented in a factory? or does it have a positive attitude toward a student’s life? Let’s discuss this matter of compulsion of attendance on students.


Education, nevertheless, plays a vital role in our life and frames us to be ‘a social being’, and to get a job of course, Right? By ‘social’, We mean that education helps us in identifying our role in the future, what we want to become, at what stream one is good, therefore to be prepared for the real world it is likely that we can best analyze ourselves while being in classrooms. Thus attendance ensures that students are being aware of their duties and responsibilities, and what more we can learn new things also. We know the question that must be poking your mind is, what if the teaching is not worth learning?

Education is something that cannot be forced upon someone, it is a particularly a choice, not a professional if a student doesn’t like a class due to any reasons/he shall not attend it and the authorities should be accountable to the teacher not to the child. My personal experiences have made me confess this to you that many of the creative children don’t have full attendance but they were brilliant in their ideas and performance, there are other ways to learn from life. The focus is to keep learning, not to score well in exams and to attain full attendance.  Another thing is of ‘time’, as we become an adult we chant ‘time is precious’, but did we care about the time when we were a student? We might not care, but yes if someone took our games or free period for a class then we surely wanted to have a world war, No?

We firmly believe that the choice to be present for which class and to learn which subject at which time shall be on the part of children’s responses, only then the aim to attain attendance can be fulfilled. To be present ensures a strong sense of community and encourages a healthy sense of participation. Yet a relaxation shall be given to those who indulge in co-curricular activities like dance drama, dance, and music, not every person is gifted with the same talent!


It is a hard truth but many of the children are still not getting the education and it’s not a cheap Endeavour, so it’s a waste of hard-earned money by your parents and to skip classes and not learning and having the opportunities that you have in your way. We are lucky to get an education. Schools are made for children, they exist for you!

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