Social Issues in india Social Issues 

Top 10 social issues in India

India is a country where people from different places have come together to live in. Also, it is very old, diversified and a country where people speak different languages different religions and castes therefore, it has its own beliefs and superstitions. There are different issues that we are facing in India: social issues, political issues, and economic issues. However, we are here to talk about the social issues that people are facing in India. Here are the top 10 social issues in India: Corruption Wherever your eye goes you can…

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How it Feels to be a Dark Skinned in India Social Issues 

How it Feels to be a Dark-Skinned in India

India is a beautiful country with an enriched history, culture, and to-die-for food. How can someone hate a country which has such a dynamic environment? We have different cultures, different languages, and different religions living together under the same roof. But behind this beautiful face of India, there is a disease that is continuously growing and the people are failing to recognize it: Colorism. Colorism is a term defined as discriminating against people on the basis of their skin tone. By now, you would be thinking that Indians face racism…

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national language of india Social Issues 

Is the Hindi our national language?

We all live in a world where language is an essential tool to communicate our feelings, expressions and our thoughts, but it became a questionable thing when ‘National’ word is prefixed with it especially in a country like ours which do not fit into the European definition of nation as in “one race, one language, and one religion”. Sure enough, we tend to celebrate unity in diversity. So let me ask people who live by this code “unity in diversity”, what is India’s National Language? If you think ‘Hindi’ is,…

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Women sanitation in india Social Issues 

Female sanitation in India

India is on its way to become a developed nation and there are various factors that will contribute to making it happen. Despite, having so many policies and systems in place, we are still aging behind in basic amenities and one of the major problems that the nation is facing is sanitation issues. It is an unhidden fact that sanitation facilities for women in India are in its worst state. Although the problem affects men, women, and children equally, the conditions worsen for women. This is because women going out…

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Attendance sheet Social Issues 

Should attendance be compulsory for students?

Tring Tring Tring Tring…..’ is the sound that we all definitely crave to hear in our college/school days and as soon as the bell rings we escape to our different worlds enjoying, amusing and playing, away from the four-walled classrooms under the sky, no teacher and no books. Undeniably, this relaxation is far at par with another kind of breaks, No?   But as the education institutions tighten the attendance policies, taking education looks no less like workers ought to be presented in a factory? or does it have a positive…

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