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Top 10 social issues in India

India is a country where people from different places have come together to live in. Also, it is very old, diversified and a country where people speak different languages different religions and castes therefore, it has its own beliefs and superstitions. There are different issues that we are facing in India: social issues, political issues, and economic issues. However, we are here to talk about the social issues that people are facing in India.

Here are the top 10 social issues in India:



Wherever your eye goes you can see corruption all around. There is no single place in India where you could not find any person who is not involved in some corruption activity. There is hardly any place, office where corruption could not be seen and to finish this, it is the time that people need to realize and move ahead.


illiteracy in india

This is another major social issue in India. It is said that India is growing in terms of literacy rate but still wherever you see a person whom one calls literate, doesn’t know how to read and write. In many rural places, there are different schools to teach children but it is important to teach the adults before teaching their children.


sanitation in india

Oh, a major concern. Yes, it is a serious issue that needs to be solved. More than 700 million people do not have proper toilets in their houses. Parents are afraid to send their kids to schools due to a lack of toilet facilities. Girls are kept away from schools due to this reason. This is a major step that one should take to protect others from spreading diseases like diarrhea, Dehydration and many others.

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Education system

education system in india
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Children still in schools are taught theoretical knowledge but not the practical knowledge that will take them ahead in life. Students study just to get marks and to pass the exams but they still do not study to learn something new and create something new for this world.

Healthcare system

healthcare in india

Another major social issue. In India, this is true that in urban areas you can find various different healthcare centers where you can get your treatment done but still in rural areas there are places where people are not getting proper health care services and they are facing the troubles due to lack of income.


Poverty in India
Source: The Economist

The population in India is increasing and so is poverty. It needs to be taken into account that the economy has shown progress but there is still no sign of people getting away from poverty. People do not have access to proper food, sanitation, healthcare, education, and many other basic necessities.

Women safety

Survey result in 2019

Nowhere in India is a woman safe. This has been encountered in lots and lots of places that a woman is always in danger whether it is day or night. Lots of safety measures have been taken to make sure that they are safe but still not a woman feels safe while going out alone or with someone else out in the night. When that time will come when they will freely go out without any pressure in their minds?

Child labour

child labour in india

In the Indian Constitution, “Article 24” states that No Child below the age of fourteen years shall be employed to work. This does not come into account a lot but still very much included in different parts of India where kids who are paid and also not paid but are forced to do work even when they do not have the required age. In the farms, in factories, helping their parents to earn a living. These kids also have to work giving their childhood memories.


unemployment in india

An issue which everybody talks about in their day to day life. People are getting the education, paying huge fees and all the necessary things to get employed but where are the companies who can employ them. This situation is most commonly seen in the youth of India. The government needs to take some action to cure this issue as the unemployment rate in India reaches the highest level after Independence.


pollution in delhi

Pollution and environment issues are another problem that India faces. The trees are getting cut, the rivers are dirty, industrial waste and lots of others are causing the problem of pollution. India is trying its best to reduce pollution but still, there is a long way for that. In India, every October to December times Farmers of Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh burns the millions of metric tons of rice residue of their fields. Subsequently, some areas Uttarpradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Union Territory of Delhi affected by high air pollution with causes many lung diseases, asthma, etc.

These were some of the major issues we are facing in India and we need to resolve these issues as soon as possible, as we know we are a developing country and our population is increasing rapidly.

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